I was hoping you could tell me if the water is very choppy at that time of year? You’d be able to sleep in a little more (up at 6am instead of 4:30). Bon visionnage ! Weather in May is generally great for sightseeing and relaxing but can be a tossup for beach weather. If you did decide to fly the Athens Airport Sofitel is very nice, has a good restaurant, and is steps from the airport. With most ships there’s usually plenty of luggage storage as you first board the ferry. Circuit de 3 nuits à Santorin avec transport aller-retour en hydroglisseur au départ d'Athènes; Explorez l'île volcanique de Thirasia et baignez-vous dans les sources chaudes, si vous le souhaitez; Profitez au maximum de votre temps libre et découvrez les magnifiques villages de Santorin tels que Oia Give it a week and check back to see if your reservation goes through. Plus de filtres (Aucun) Rechercher Oups ! The fastest boat is the SeaJet that leaves at 7am and gets to Santorini at 11:50am. Also, we have been told that we should go to Santorini as our 2nd island as nothing compares to it. Lunch in tavern. EasyJet and Ryan Air have the cheapest flights from western Europe to Santorini. I have few questions. Given that we are staying in Santorini for one night only, we would also like to visit Mykonos for a few hours. Greek Easter is different than Western Easter – so not an issue for your trip. We want to go to Santorini and one other island and then on the back end of our trip a couple of days in Athens. But there is never a guarantee. Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections from Athens to Santorini. Flying is the fastest, easiest, and least interesting way to get from Athens to Santorini. I contacted bluestar by email, and i am still waiting for their response. Those times you suggest are roughly accurate. There should be a Highspeed4 and Cat4 from Piraeus to Santorini throughout May. Do you know if Hellenic high speed ferries operate in mid May? Pays Italie Samos Italie Vacances Paysage Le Manoir Destinations Grece Lieux. Pre-booking for the Blue Star is usually not necessary but if you if you choose to, FerryHopper.com is the best and easiest way to do so. How much Euro we should bring for 4 people if we book our hotels from here? If it’s got a good rating the chance of getting a bad hotel are almost zero. Do you have a better itinerary idea or any suggestions. The only direct flight I see from Rome to Santorini on the day we need leaves Rome @ 23:40 and arrives the next morning @ 02:50. Are there any travel restrictions from Athens International to Santorini (Thira) right now? I do not see this port on the Blue Star website. I know it’s gonna be a little cold and quiet. What is the best ferry to take from Athens to Santorini? Afternoon departure from Athens at 15:45 and 17:30, In the southwestern part of the island, is the, In the old port of Skala which is located near Fira (capital of the island), cruise ships from most Mediterranean ports anchor, In the traditional port of Amoudi, tourist boats start their journey to the island of Thirasia. I was wondering if you know. I assume there is a bus in the middle of the night that would transport us from Rafina to the airport, but we might be willing to do a taxi directly to the hotel. This is the metro station at Piraeus (the Athens ferry port). Give a DATE and click on "Show Timetable" to view the updated timetables! Luggage storage onboard the X96 bus from the Athens airport to the port of Piraeus. This is a wonderful website. The schedule is not official yet but that’s what it’s currently showing. There are lounge areas inside as well and you’re free to sit anywhere you want in economy class. High speeds provide less to their hosts in exchange for a much shorter journey time! Ferry can be rough in winter but it’s a larger car ferry so shouldn’t be terrible. It really helped me a lot, planning my trip in August. To get from Athens to Piraeus click the button on the top left of the screen for 1.40€. With go-Ferry.com you are able to connect online with the reservation systems of most Greek shipping companies compare prices, find information about routes and vessels, look for alternative routes and print instantly your ticket for the ferry Athens-Santorini. Hi there, thanks so much for your very helpful website! Nous sommes partis à l'automne 2018. Great information! Myself I put the trip which was great success. Découvrez Athènes et la merveilleuse île de Santorin Athènes est la capitale de la Grèce et le centre de la vie politique, culturelle et économique du pays. Is there anything you recommend that we see and which would be open in Jan? Anu. So, I would focus on Athens and Santorini and save Mykonos to another visit. Des sites magnifiques à visiter. Request a Quote. Thank you so much for the all the information you provided in this forum. This adds an extra 5 minutes to the trip. – We are planning to book the A2 outside cabin so that we can catch some sleep. I am looking into a Paros to Rafina ferry because I plan on flying back to US the following morning and think it might be easier to stay in a hotel near or attached to the airport. Your site is very helpful! If we book a cabin, do we get the whole cabin to ourselves or do we share it with others (as it has 4 beds)?. But Aegean and Qatar airlines are not partners so I doubt it. I was hoping to compare the time and price before booking. Would be happy seeing some historical sites, beautiful ocean, and spend some time with family. There doesn’t appear to be a ferry that day. Athènes et Santorin, une idée de circuit 100% personnalisable avec Lina, agent de voyage basé en Grèce Are there any fast hydrofoils the period we are going? Yes, the Air Seats Lounge are big comfortable seats, somewhat like airplane seats but bigger. Omonia metro station is on the same line (Line 1) and also has direct trains to Piraeus. This is on the car deck. That ferry is much bigger and very different than the SeaJet catamarans that run from Athens to Santorini.). Do you know if a ferry runs to Santorini from Crete around the week of November 20th? Passengers from cruise ships do not arrive at the ferry port but are tendered ashore to the old ferry port below Fira. Discovery from Athens to Santorin... (5) Save up to 50% on tours! Also, there are no ferries between Mykonos and Santorini so you’d need to travel via Athens to get from one to the other. New and modern buses and new ideas in order to serve the best way every visitor of Santorini. You have it exactly right. Is it rough on the inside? Follow the crowds and you can’t miss it. Though strikes can occur any time, The best ferry between Athens and Santorini is the. So we’re thinking Athens for 1 night and then to Santorini for 4 nights, then Paros for 3 nights, Mykonos for 3 nights, then home. There are bank machines on all the islands so getting more cash is never a problem. The departure and arrival of the cycle route, is the capital of the island, Fira, Tickets are purchased by the bus driver. Boarding a SeaJet on Santorini. Is that enough time for me to settle down to watch the amazing sunset? Updated: June 12, 2020, Note: In 2020, all transportation to and around Greece will be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. (The X95 bus to downtown Athens has the same layout.). Trying to decide weather to buy a flight from Crete to Santorini ahead of time or if we should wait to see if there’s a ferry between the two island. Transfer at your hotel. A lot depends on what time of year and day you want to travel, and what sort of traveler you are. I am told that it is a cabin for 2 only and has a window. You’ll definitely find many flights and can pick and choose your flight times. View of the ferry port (and the Athens-Santorini ferry) from just outside Piraeus metro station. The view from the highspeed ferries aren’t much better. The Blue Star departs from gate E6. During strikes no buses, no ferries, and only a handful of trains and flights will depart on time (or at all); taxis tend to be the least affected mode of transport. Succombez à ce circuit de 8 jours en Grèce ! Our total trip looks like this: Arrive Athens at 4:30 pm on May 21st, depart Athens on the 28th via 6:00 AM flight (yuck!). Avec une histoire dont les origines remontent à plus de trois mille ans, Athènes est une ville qui compte d’importants sites archéologiques, monuments, sculptures et même des édifices datant de son époque romaine et byzantine. Athens and Santorini are 2 of the better destinations in December. I was hoping you can help advise that fastest route to get to Athens to Santorini on that day. The Blue Star has bank machines. Would you like to ask what is the best romantic Island to visit for 3 night? We are hoping to spend 3 or 4 nights on Santorini. Highly recommended. The first flight of the day departs Athens at 5:15am and the last flight at 23:15. Kayak.com is the best website to search for flights from Athens to Santorini. For the majority of budget travelers, the ferries are the best way to travel between Athens and any island, at an affordable price (economy class ticket). I feel like if I can start with the hotels than I can figure the other things out. Découvrez la Grèce et ses plus belles îles : les Cyclades ! But in general, do I have any insight into what prices will be in January, no. The end-result is that most hotels nowadays are good or better – and the bad ones don’t stay around long. Tout visiter à Athènes en deux jours ? The cheapest way of getting to Santorini from Athens is the conventional car ferries (like Blue Star) followed by high speed ferries. Does it rain a lot? You could try emailing Blue Star at [email protected]. 15,00-20,00 Euros. N'importe où . If you wanted to stick to other mainland destinations then Nafplio would be a great choice. We are planning to come to Santorini from Athens on April 1 for 1 night. We have 5 days for this trip. If you have a car and need to take it on the ferry. What are the cabin types on Greece Ferries? I want it to be different than Santorini but also not too far away from Athens. And yes there will be a bus from Rafina to the airport. 8.20 am/11.20am (Which is better?) Thanks. Does that sound like a good plan? Acknowledging that we’ll be exhausted and good for a nice dinner out and early to bed, I’m thinking that we could stay the night in close proximity to the Airport to catch a relatively early departure to Santorini. So, a bit of research later, we had our sights set on doing a day trip to Santorini from Athens. Outdoor dining floods the small alleys around the Monastiraki Square late into the evening so you’ll be happy you stayed here for the night.) I really don’t want to arrive in Piraeus at 11:15pm given we are only in Athens for 2 nights. Can you tell wether I can board with the online tickets or do I have to go and collect the tickets from the ticket office? Email Blue Star ferries at [email protected] to ask how you should buy tickets. Hi, wonderful help your website is. Cabin on the Blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. Since the Highspeed Ferries are smaller and have assigned seating they are more likely to sell out in high season. Do you think there will be a problem taking the public transport from Fira to the airport considering I need to be in the Santorini airport about an hour before the flight (right?) Hotels are ultra-aware of online forums and reviews and bend over backwards to keep guests happy. I’m just not happy with the direction they are leading me in. It’s not much different from economy seating and not worth the added cost. Stay the night at a cheap hotel. If it doesn’t have one then you take your printout to the kiosks and they’ll give you a ticket like this. All seats on a Highspeed are “reserved” – there is no open seating like on a Blue Star. The the L2/luxe cabins seem much more spacious/comfortable than the standard cabins, but they are only 2 berth. Cabins are nice-ish and you should be able to get some sleep. Is it better to fly via Athens? Découvrez tous les Circuits Grece de Partir Pas Cher, Agence de Voyage spécialiste des Vacances à petits prix It does not have to be an overnight ferry to have a sleeping cabin. If you ever find yourself in Sunny South African in Johannesburg please do not hesitate to call me as I would certainly like to host you as our guest and show you around our amazing country. I doubt there’ll be more than one flight per day from Santorini to Naples so I would book that one too before prices go up. Book through Seajets.gr. People visiting Greece often wonder what is the best way to travel from Athens to Santorini. str., near Alpha bank, Santorini taxis are gray in color and have a "taxi" sign at the top, Taxis can carry up to 4 people although not all passengers' suitcases may fit if they are large and bulky, Taxis in Santorini charge an extra fee for luggage, pick-up from ports, and overnight transportation, Taxis can be rented for any route on the island, The main starting point of taxis is located in the central square of Fira, It is possible to call the taxi by phone and it will pick you up from where you are and take you to the desired destination. My intention was to travel Blue Star for the advantages you outline above (cheapest, most unaffected by weather, most fun). Aircraft type seating (that needs to be reserved) on board Blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. We’re pretty chill people. Santorini bus from the ferry port to Fira. Exiting a Highspeed ferry at Santorini. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. All ferries have at least a snack bar. A voir également durant vos vacances en Grèce: vacances à Athènes, vacances dans les Iles Grecques, vacances en Crète, vacances à Corfou, vacances à Rhodes. There are no guarantees but 2 hours 15 minutes should be plenty of time. Are there any convenient islands that you would recommend visiting from Santorini? Picking the ferry tickets up from the airport will be a few euro more than booking or buying through the actual ferry companies. Crete. I am going to be traveling from Athens to Santorini on September 26th. Right now I’m searching the Internet for some other tour company that will allow us to spend a reasonable amount of time on Santorini. Aircraft type seating (that needs to be reserved) on board the Blue Star ferry from Athens to Santorini. Buses and taxis will meet all arriving ferries regardless of the time. Hi-speed catamaran (sum only, 4 hrs). Santorini is the top destination in Greece and famous for the sunken caldera, the still active volcano, the cliff-side villages and the most romantic sunset that attracts millions of couples every year. Mykonos, less so, as it really shuts down in the off season. The cheapest flights from Athens to Santorini are with Ryan Air. Chitradip Saha. By taking a tour you miss out on the best times to see the islands: early morning and evening. Metro tickets cost €1.40. All Destinations. Taxis take 20 to 30 minutes from Syntagma, Plaka, or Monastiraki area and cost €25 to €30. Circuit Athènes et Santorin - A partir de 780 euros seulement Si vous disposez de quelques jours de vacances supplémentaires , 12 jours au lieu de 10, je vous conseille plutôt ce circuit. Any advice on trip planning? AT this moment my family travels to Santorini and I wanted to look it up. Which islands beside Santorini will be a highlight to visit them during that time? Are you aware if all there special come out at the beginning of the year? The Ryanair flight departing Athens for Santorini at 7am looks like the best option to me, as I’m thinking 2 hours 30 should be enough time in between the flights to get our hold baggage, check in again and go through security. Fly (1 hr). Fully customizable Luxury Vacations in Greece! My wife and I plan to visit Santorini in late April. Buying business class seats on the SeaJet is worth the cost. Your site is amazing with a wealth of practical info. Automobile spots are few and sell out in advance. I have been looking at Paros, Naxos, Folegandros, Serifos, Kos. If you don’t have any interest in staying in Athens there are direct flights to Santorini from London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Dublin, Amsterdam, and many other European cities. We have a 2.5 hr connection time, arriving from Santorini to the Athens Airport to catch our international connection flight. The metro station is between E5 and E6 and called the Electric Railway Line 1. Be prepared for anything and definitely have a good thick rain coat. 4. This is directly across the street from the subway station. Athens and Santorini can be great in early December. Is this an okay time to visit Greece in December? The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new ferry schedules by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year! I found one from Zante Ferries leaving at 7:00 but arriving at 20:00, which is too late for me. Looking for the box in the metro I was told how to do it. Nov 3, 2019 - The 20 best things to do in Greece. If you have a few more then go to Ios, Naxos, or Paros to find some great beaches. There’s no easy/quick way of stopping at Mykonos en route to or from Santorini. Do you have any recommendations on how to get to these islands? With such limited time don’t waste any more of it on a ferry than you have to. Answer 1 of 22: We are going to Greece for the first time in May and want to visit Athens, the Peloponnese and a few islands. You can buy the tickets right there. In winter there are no direct flights from western Europe to Santorini and flights from Athens to Santorini are reduced to 2 or 3 per day. Starting in late March and early April SeaJets and Golden Star Ferries begin high-speed ferry service from Athens to Santorini. Tip: If you already have a reservation in a hotel in Santorini, try to contact them for your transfer from the port of Athinios. It includes hotel pickup and drop-off in both Athens and Santorini. If you’ll be flying into Athens but do not intend to spend any time in the city then it’s easiest to hop on a flight directly to Santorini and save yourself the trouble of getting from the Athens airport to Piraeus for a ferry. Reserved (airplane-style) seating. Both Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have flights from Athens to Santorini. Vibrant and modern, Athens is also an ancient city; the birthplace of western civilization and home to some of the world’s most important archaeological sites. Is it OK in March or April? Many ferries leave early in the morning (between 7am and 8am) so it’s tempting to want to stay the night in Piraeus. Do you think the proposed flight transit is workable? Ferries leave on time so don’t expect any cushion. You’ll have more than enough things to see and do to fill your time in Santorini. Is it better to look at flights from Rome to Athens and then fly from Athens to Santorini? Personally, I would go into Athens, enjoy an evening meal in the Plaka and stay at a hotel that is close to the Monistiraki metro station (e.g. Hi Dave, They do get you to Santorini in a little over half the time (5 hours instead of 8) so there is that advantage, but while the smaller catamarans (like the Mega Jet and Tera Jet) are OK for short hops between islands I would not recommend taking them for the longer journey from Athens to Santorini. Some ferries do have 2-berth cabins but the ones on the Santorini route I don’t believe currently have these cabins. Crete, Naxos, and Paros are also good. Micaela. There’s waiter service here but I prefer the reserved seating in economy. From Santorini ferry to Paros, ferry to Mykonos, and ferry back to Athens. I love to hear that this site is helpful. Durée. Though it seems far away, to get to Santorini from Athens is easy. But the ferry from Milos to Santorini is 50/50 at best (though there will be an Athens to Santorini ferry). Ville de départ Durée du voyage. Business class on a highspeed ferry. Thank you in advance for your advice. But much better if you can stay even one night. I loved it. We’re flying to Athens on Dec 16 at 7pm to Dec 24th at 7:55 am. Ultimately we’d ferry from Santorini to Paros and Paros to Athens. What are the types of seats in ferries? How convenient are ferries to other islands (say IOS or Crete) from Santorini during December? I’ve just read that it’s not great season to visit islands since it’s cold and wet. Search Kayak.com for available flights. Cancellation Guarantee! Ryanair has 1 flight per day (at 7:15am) starting March 26 and 2 flights a day (the other flight at 11:10pm) starting June 1. My question is are those air plane like seats in the later category and there are two such lounges, do you have any recommendation which one to opt for? The primary airlines for the Athens-Santorini route are Ryan Air, EasyJet, Aegean Airlines, and Olympic Air.